1. In Scripture, men are commanded to be the spiritual leader of their home. The Christian community of men today and their families are in desperate need of such men. IRNMN is designed to inform and equip Christian men to step into that role and lead their families.

2. Data supports the premise that men must step into their role. Fathers are key to the salvation of their children. 4-17-93 If a child is saved first, there is a 4% chance their family will follow. If a wife is saved first, the number increases to 17%. But if the father is saved first, there is a 93% chance his family will follow. Dads must step up.

3. Beyond our families, the church and society are feeling the repercussions of complacent men. Research shows that many/most problems in society are caused by men that come from homes without strong fatherly role models.

4. What’s missing? Why aren’t men stepping up? Society has emasculated men, and pushed them into the background. Many are not in the Word consistently, so they lack knowledge. In addition, few men have other men to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in defense of their faith and their families spiritual security. Men often don’t build strong relationships with other men, or have men in their lives they can trust and confide in. Yet we are commanded to seek wise counsel. Iron sharpens Iron.

What is an IRNMN Group?

group-of-menThe goal is for men to become the spiritual leaders – at home, at church, at their jobs, and in their community.

  • 4-5 men who commit to the group and to jointly pursue their role.
  • Commit to meet at least every other week.
  • Commit to daily scripture reading and prayer.
  • Meet outside of their normal environment, we strongly recommend meeting around a fire pit.

  • men-reading-the-bibleA small group is required to develop strong relationships and to ensure a strong commitment and accountability.
  • Camaraderie is an essential part of truly stepping into a man’s role as a Godly spiritual leader.
  • Men need to seek wise counsel from other committed men…iron sharpens iron.
  • Men have an outlet for sharing issues that they otherwise would not share in a larger group.

  • men-meetingWeekly meetings are encouraged, but every other week works well too.
  • The IRNMN group needs to become part of each others lives and part of their families’ lives. Consistent, frequent meetings are key.




  • reading-the-bibleMen cannot understand God’s calling without digging into scripture.
  • God commands us to understand His Word and to spend time in prayer.
  • Both provide a wealth of discussion material for meetings.


irnmn-campfire(While this is not a requirement, it is heavily recommended)

  • No distractions.
  • Connection occurs in a natural, outdoor setting, between men and God.
  • Jesus did it with His disciples.
  • No awkward silences; men are comfortable staring into a fire. No one has to talk.


How does it work?


  • Start a new group
  • Be assigned a new group
  • Join an existing group
  • Commit to scheduled meetings
  • Meet in undistracted environment (fire)
  • Attend IRNMN events
  • Inform local church leadership of commitment
  • Sign Courageous creed
  • Meet in undistracted environment (fire)
  • Attend IRNMN events


  • Examine yourself
  • Confess sin
  • Repent of sin
  • Discover God’s Will
    • Read Bible daily
    • Discover Spiritual gifts
  • Accept responsibility
  • Reprioritize life
  • Be mentored
  • Share issues/concerns openly
  • Challenge Biblical precedence
  • Seek counsel from group
  • Submit to group
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Encourage IRNMN
  • Advise Biblically on issues
  • Hold IRNMN accountable
  • Pray for IRNMN
  • Challenge sin
  • Invoke Matthew 18:15‐17 if needed
  • Keep group focused
    • Advise each other
    • Discuss relevant Biblical concepts
    • Select program content
    • Experience IRNMN acceleration event
  • Support IRNMN in crisis 24/7
  • Build relationships with IRNMN’s family
  • Disciple IRNMN’s children


  • Bear much fruit
  • Continually allow God to prune your life
  • Continually repent of sin
  • Contemplate Gods love, grace, and attributes
    • Pray continually
    • Read the Word daily
  • Walk in integrity
  • Follow leading of Spirit
  • Seek to honor God
  • Do God’s will
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Love her like Christ loved the church
  • Honor her
  • Disciple her
  • Protect her
  • Provide for her
  • Pray for her
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Teach children to love God
  • Disciple children
    • Live responsibly
    • Honor authority
  • Protect children
  • Provide for children
  • Pray for children
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Show mercy
  • Pray for others
  • Treat others with kindness, respect, compassion
  • Forgive others
  • Reconcile with others
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Mentor another man/group
  • Confront evil
  • Pursue justice
  • Be faithful to church
  • Serve the church
  • Use spiritual gifts
  • Pursue God’s Will
  • Provide IRNMN testimony
  • Become IRNMN Champion/RD (Regional Director)/Board Member

Exception handling:
• Raise spiritual issues with local church leadership
• Raise administrative issues with IRNMN Champion