The Mission

Tend the Fire Ministries is designed to facilitate the development of strong men who are committed to accepting and pursuing their role as the spiritual leaders of their families first, then to their churches and communities.

The Vision

We accomplish this by promoting and facilitating a simple, but effective, small-group structure that resonates with Kingdom-minded men. These small groups are known as IRNMN groups.

What is an IRNMN Group?

An IRNMN group is made up of 4-5 men who have made the following commitments:

1. Spiritual leadership is the group’s focus.

2. Daily time in Scripture/prayer is required. How else can we understand our God-given role as the spiritual leader of our home?

3. You can’t do this alone. God designed us to do this together.  Each group commits to meet with each other every other week.

4. Get outside of your normal environment, and be men! Meet outside around a fire.

Men who join an IRNMN group are agreeing to step in and shoulder the responsibility of spiritual leadership in their homes.  The following provides a breakdown of the stages of spiritual leadership.


  • Start a new group
  • Be assigned a new group
  • Join an existing group
  • Commit to scheduled meetings
  • Meet in undistracted environment (fire)
  • Attend IRNMN events
  • Inform local church leadership of commitment
  • Sign Courageous creed
  • Meet in undistracted environment (fire)
  • Attend IRNMN events


  • Examine yourself
  • Confess sin
  • Repent of sin
  • Discover God’s Will
    • Read Bible daily
    • Discover Spiritual gifts
  • Accept responsibility
  • Reprioritize life
  • Be mentored
  • Share issues/concerns openly
  • Challenge Biblical precedence
  • Seek counsel from group
  • Submit to group
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Encourage IRNMN
  • Advise Biblically on issues
  • Hold IRNMN accountable
  • Pray for IRNMN
  • Challenge sin
  • Invoke Matthew 18:15‐17 if needed
  • Keep group focused
    • Advise each other
    • Discuss relevant Biblical concepts
    • Select program content
    • Experience IRNMN acceleration event
  • Support IRNMN in crisis 24/7
  • Build relationships with IRNMN’s family
  • Disciple IRNMN’s children


  • Bear much fruit
  • Continually allow God to prune your life
  • Continually repent of sin
  • Contemplate Gods love, grace, and attributes
    • Pray continually
    • Read the Word daily
  • Walk in integrity
  • Follow leading of Spirit
  • Seek to honor God
  • Do God’s will
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Love her like Christ loved the church
  • Honor her
  • Disciple her
  • Protect her
  • Provide for her
  • Pray for her
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Teach children to love God
  • Disciple children
    • Live responsibly
    • Honor authority
  • Protect children
  • Provide for children
  • Pray for children
  • Seek counsel from local church
  • Show mercy
  • Pray for others
  • Treat others with kindness, respect, compassion
  • Forgive others
  • Reconcile with others
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Mentor another man/group
  • Confront evil
  • Pursue justice
  • Be faithful to church
  • Serve the church
  • Use spiritual gifts
  • Pursue God’s Will
  • Provide IRNMN testimony
  • Become IRNMN Champion/RD (Regional Director)/Board Member

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